RICS Homebuyers Report Stockport

homebuyers report stockport

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What is a RICS Homebuyers Survey?

This survey is produced in a standard format provided by the RICS and is designed as a value for money package for the potential purchaser of a property. It is intended for houses, apartments, flats and bungalows of conventional construction which are generally in reasonable condition. The survey will look at both the exterior and interior of the property.

What does the survey cover?

Condition - Roof, chimney, gutters, downpipes, main walls, windows, doors, loft, ceilings, floors, walls Roof space/loft, ceilings, internal walls, floors, fireplaces, chimney breasts, internal decorations.

Services - electrical installation, gas installation, water, central heating and the drains.

External - gardens, boundaries and garages, safety, location and environment.

The report also deals with issues your legal advisers should be aware of. The market value of the property is confirmed and a reinstatement value is provided which is the figure for which you should insure the property. Finally the report includes details of defects which are significant and urgent, advice on other considerations such as safety, the location and the environment which may affect your decision to purchase.

View our Fixed Fees for Homebuyers Reports or call 0161 4682631

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